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What does my child need to participate in a WYA sport?

Flag Football
Shorts (black), mouthpiece, socks, cleats. The league provides jersey, flags, and helmet.

Tackle Football
Mouthpiece, chin strap, practice jersey (don't wear your game jersey to practice), pants (doesn't matter color for practice), socks, cleats. 
The league provides shoulder pads, home and away jerseys and pants, and helmet. You can provide your own helmet and shoulder pads if you would like. No discount given.

New uniform, shoes, socks, poms, bow, bloomers, megaphone, and cheer camp

A few notes

  • Pads and Belt are typically integrated into the pants. No specific color pants or jersey for practice. 
  • Cups are a parent/kid choice
  • Gloves; yes you can wear gloves if you would like

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Yes, players will have to apply for scholarships as well as participate in the fundraiser. Each scholarship will be reviewed by the board to determine eligibility.